Competitive Advantage

The main benefits and advantages S-Conn provides are:

– The Broadest Product Range
– The Best Prices– Large Inventory
– Fast Response to Quote Request
– Fast Delivery
– Designed to Fit Your Needs
– Logistics and Distribution
– Warehouse Management

(in-stock same day shipping/fast turnaround)The road in front of us is long.

We don’t expect to be a supplier shortly, but let’s keep in touch and find a room for S-Conn working with you.

Research and Development

  • Strong R&D Team

S-Conn owns a strong R&D department for OEM or ODM. Customers can just tell us what kind of connectors has been chosen for application and our teams can figure out what the best option is. In pursuit of excellent quality to ensure our products are defect-free, many new test equipments have been implemented to enhance our ability to eliminate the quality issue and boost the performance at the initial stage 

  • Continuously Innovative Implementation

    More items are developed to embrace the profound change for broadcasting industry, and new ones for 5G will be available shortly.


  • Precision Screw Machine Products

We have decades of experience in the machining of various microwave components, such as center pins, in brass, phosphor bronze and beryllium copper, PTFE insulators, brass bodies and an endless variety of hardware.  A stringent quality system has been implemented to meet customers’ requirement.

  • Branding

When you think of smartphone, what product name comes to your mind? Do you think of a product name when you want to buy candy?

Branding makes a product distinctive in the marketplace, just as your name makes you unique in the society in which you live.S-Conn can help you to build up a brand or brand mark, also known as the logo, on your product to keep your competitors at bay.

  • Customized Connector or Cable Assembly

Step 1: Concept

Provide us with the requirements of your project, from a rough sketch to a detailed drawing. You can download our custom design form. Our technical staff will review the project, consult with you, and provide a quotation asap.

Step 2: Design
Once an order is placed, we’ll generate an engineering drawing of your custom assembly and e-mail it to you for approval.

Step 3: Production

Once the drawing has been approved, production will begin in one of our facilities. We can produce quantities as low as 1 piece and as high as 100,000 pieces with very short lead times.

  • Engineering Solution

Since we started to offer cable assemblies to customers, we are always looking for value-added service to customers.

We are pleased to announce our engineering department can provide ‘engineering solution” for customers when they need a reliable supplier to provide a complete cabling solution for their barebone machine. At the beginning of June, we get a formal certified approval from a communication hardware customer.

From tailor-made cable assemblies to turnkey projects, S-Conn always stays ahead among competitors. Your interests are always what we care. Contact us and you will find more.