Future Prospect

The rapid advance of technology – and in particular in broadband connection to take proliferating pools of digital data. It’s just timing to enter 5G era and it will deliver new and enhance mobile broadband experience.To fulfill the ultra-broadband connection, new connectors will be available soon!

Looking forward, S-Conn will need to be ever more agile and efficient to take advantage of new opportunities for connectors and interconnection solutions.

Expanding Manufacturing Competence

The numerous competitors that go into this field add to challenge in many ways.

Our advanced engineering resources either software or hardware ensure that all designs meet or exceed specifications. The emphasis is always on design for manufacturing ability and reliability. To date S-Conn has design many connectors (such as HD, Micro, or Ultra Tiny BNC) for the major OEM’s in the industry and will continue our supplier of proprietary connectors and cable assemblies in response to the market trend.

Applications Scope

To name a new few for information, such as Telecommunication, Broadcasting, Defense, etc.







Core Assets

Our commitment for customers, “Global Scope, Personal Service”

  • Investing in the future
  • Listening to our customers

Through an active program of exhibitions, website and client meetings, S-Conn is constantly seeking feedback
from existing clients and the marketplace, with a view to improving its business operation.
An ongoing investment program ensures that S-Conn continues to provide interconnection solutions and services
to our valued customers.


Each product is manufactured to the highest quality standards and then tested to ensure that it exceeds the application standards.