Marketing & Sales Strategy

Promotion Plan

At present, to pull and push customers to by our products, we use the following skills to promote and visit our customers regularly.

1. Advertising
2. Personal Selling
3. Sales Promotion
4. Public Relations
5. Telemarketing
6. Online Sales

We fully understand the E-trade will the next tide to change the purchasing behavior.  A new website with RWD is first step to embrace mobility.

Sales Allocation

2021 Sales Allocation


Service-oriented Department

Under ISO 9001: 2015 context of the Organization

(Inside the company), we collaborate with other departments, and also coordinate with the appointed express couriers, forwarders, transportation companies, etc.

With the rise of technologies and the change of competitive circumstances, the service level/efficiency of logistics has become one of the most critical targets to evaluate the company’s strength.

To follow our SOP or fully tailored per customer’s specific requirement


Beyond Expectations

Logistics at S-Conn pursues highest standard for the services explained. All our working processes are systematically standardized to meet ISO’s requirements and clients’ needs. With dedicated staff, your goods are cautiously looked after and dispatched. To provide safe and quick delivery is our commitment to all clients.


We use quantitative analysis to control our inventory. For high turnover items, S-Conn keeps high volume to meet customer’s next day delivery.